Byron Bay Weekender

31 08 2010

Hey Everyone,

After returning from my field trip to Girraween on Friday night, I headed down to Byron Bay on Saturday morning for a weekend of surfing, spearfishing, and relaxing. My classmates and I rented cars and stayed at a really cool hostel. The weather was great and the surf was epic. As soon as we arrived, I started asking around the dive shops for some local spearfishing knowledge, and we decided to drive 25 km south to Lennox Head. The conditions were undesirable, but my housemate Shane and I made the best of it and caught some trophy fish for dinner. My two best fish were a Jewfish (excellent eating: similar to White Sea Bass, which was about 4 kg but can reach up to 40, and a Bream, which multiple Aussies said was the biggest they’ve seen. This was a really exciting dive, especially since I was surrounded by delicious-looking fish that I have never seen before. I steamed the fish with shoyu, onions, garlic, and black pepper, and served it to 20 of my classmates, alongside of rice, sweet potatoes, and avocado salad. (we bought all of our produce at a BP gas station for pennies, its kind of ironic that BP is so green!) The next two days were spent in search of pristine beaches and clean waves in Northern New South Wales. I surfed some excellent spots in Byron as well as Ballina. The sand is so fine at the beaches in this area that the sand makes loud squeeky noises with every step, its very cool and strange…

My housemate Shane and I at Sharpes Beach (S. of Byron)

Our little rental car loaded down with surf gear, dive gear, and speargun, ready to head down South from Brissy to Byron

My carpool crew

Getting ready to hop into the surf between sets

Our catch: a jewfish, a bream, a black drummer, a blackfish, & a morwong. We cooked them up at the hostel for 20 of my classmates, everyone loved it

Surfing Ballina

Surfing Shipwrecks in Byron, apparently a 3 m.
White was spotted here this day

Cleaning fish in the hostel kitchen

View from the Byron Lighthouse at sunset




2 responses

1 09 2010

is it true that jewfish have incredible large noses and are very high maintenance fish???!!

3 09 2010

It all looks and sounds amazing! I am especially proud of your culinary skills which will always make you the most popular guy around! Made me a bit hungry!

Have fun, can’t wait for the next blog!


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