Binna Burra Field Study

11 09 2010

Hey Everyone!

I just returned from a 5-day field trip to Lamington National Forest, a subtropical rainforest above the Gold Coast. Each day, we did 10-17 km hikes with field work along the way. Every day was an adventure; some highlights include: encountering a deadly Tiger Snake on the trail, watching male Pademelons(little kangaroos) fight from 5 feet away, finding a wild Koala in the gum trees, and visiting a Glow Worm Cave below a running river. The weather was wonderful for the first four days and then it started pouring on our last day. It was quite an experience to be in the rainforest with heavy rainfall, wind, and fog. During my field work in the dense understorey, my shoes were covered with huge leeches and my clothes with ticks, but I avoided getting hit, I think…

Inside a hollowed out eucalyptus tree

Fighting pademelons on the lawn

A 5 foot Goanna, one of the largest reptiles alive

Sunrise in Binna Burra, during a 5 AM bird watch

My awesome teacher, John Hall, in action

A Cicada found underground next to a Funnel Spider web under a log

One of the many waterfalls

Sundew: A cool little carnivorous heathland plant

A Black Carrawong

The nest of a Bower bird: it collects blue rubbish to attract mates

Centipede on Antarctic Beech Leaves

Dense fog in the rainforest

I wish I could have captured the Koala, the Tiger Snake, or the Glow Worms on camera, but they were either too far, too fast, or too fragile to snap photos of. The Glow Worms turn off their luminescense with camera flashes.

At one point last night, I was standing on a bridge looking up at the Southern Crown constellation and the Milky Way through an opening in the rainforest with Glow Worms all around me and a river running below my feet. It was epic.




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