Sunny Coast Weekender

19 09 2010

Hey Everyone,
I just returned from a two day trip to the Sunshine Coast. We dove both days and cooked up our catch at the hostels. I was able to go for a dive with some talented aussie spearos that taught me a lot about hunting these waters. We went to some offshore reefs that were virtually untouched: tons of fish, best visibility I’ve ever seen, and every hole that should have a lobster in it did. Here are some of the photos:

Coral Trout and Estuary Cod

The visiblility was ridiculous, probably 30+ meters

Tim lining up a shot at a Pearly Perch at 20 meters

Tim and a gigantic coral trout

My first coral trout, probably the best eating fish I've ever had

My first Estuary Cod

Painted Lobster near Mooloolaba

The day's catch: 2 coral trout, 1 estuary cod, 2 pearly perch, 1 snapper, 1 bream, 1 blue groper, and a boat limit of lobster,

Cockatoo dancing around on the traffic light as we drove through Coolum

painted lobster and estuary cod fillets helps to make friends in hostels

When we returned to Brissy, my housemate Shane and I cooked up a feast for our host family. We cooked coral trout on the barbie: stuffed with bell peppers and onions and covered with garlic, ginger and chili sauce. On the side, painted lobster in butter, rice, and corn.

Coral Trout, its what's for dinner

Painted Lobster, corn, and my near creation: yin-yang rice (just white and brown rice))

Brushtail Posssum eating my corn above the patio after dinner




One response

19 09 2010

Dude, you’re kickin ass at the blog thing. And that looks like the best diving ever! 30 m of viz?? I don’t even know what that would look like haha. And some damn sweet fish/ cool bugs.

Keep it up,


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