Fiji, Final Stop

30 12 2010

Hey Everyone!

After leaving Brisbane, Australia, I spent a week on a road trip with my family and ended the trip with a month in Fiji, island hopping from one remote village to another. Most of my days were spent spearfishing in the fishiest waters I’ve ever seen, usually with 100+ foot visibility. When there was enough fish for dinner, I would still be in the water surfing, fishing, or taking pictures. This month-long trip was probably the most amazing part of my travels. I hope you enjoy my last post! Here are some of the pictures I took along the way….

First stop, Kadavu (pronounced Kandavu)

Approaching Nagigia Island (off of Kadavu Island) after a 12 hour overnight ferry ride

The catch after my first dive around the small island that we stayed on.

Pesky sharks

Eagle rays

In Fiji, the most prized fish is probably Trevally which they call “Saqa” (pronounced “sanga”). I usually saw Blue-finned Trevally running in schools of 3-5, but this time, there must have been 1000 or more…

Right after this picture, I got two Trevally in one shot, then that shark ripped both of them off of my shaft within seconds.

Painted Cray. They're usually fished out in most populated areas, so when they are around, you know its a pristine spot.

Shane scaring off a grey reefie from our stringer

Blue-Finned Trevally

My first Dogtooth Tuna!

Coral Trout

Red Bass. I gave this one to some villagers because I heard it possibly has Ciguatera poisoning in this area. Not worth the risk when 150 miles over ocean to the nearest hospital

Misi pounding "Waka ni Yaqona" (the root of the kava plant)

After leaving Kadavu with my friends from uni in Australia, I started my 2 week solo adventure. I headed to Suva, where I took a 20 hour ferry ride to Taveuni, then went to the extremely remote village of Kocoma (pronounced Kothoma) on the the island of Qamea (pron. Gamea). In the village, there was not a fork to be found, no running water, and occasional electricity. I went a week without seeing another non-Fijian person.

The only way to get to the village from the beach is to cross this plank. No wheel chair access here

Momo(Uncle) John lining up with my gun. All of the divers in the remote villages use home-made slings with a improvised free shaft and a piece of rubber. I let them use my gun and they were ecstatic.


My dive buddies from Kocoma. I hope to return soon

My 10 kg fish after a shark got to it...It came back after this picture. I gave the remains to people in the village for soup

the beach in front of Kothoma village

best hammock in fiji

Heading back to Taveuni from Qamea with 23 people in a 15 foot boat.

Momo Camini

Anthias on the reef

My first permit

The best dive spots on Taveuni were kayak-distance from the house "Sere Ni Ika." Momo Camini made surgeonfish and giant clam in lime juice and peppers with Taro (Dahlo) for a mid-dive snack

The catch

My bed for the 20 hour ferry ride back to Suva.

My buddies in the band, the Kavaholics, at Smuggler's Cove in Nandi

Peppers. Spicy: Rakiraki in Fijian

Eta, Luisa, and Pah who work at Bamboo Backpackers in Nandi. Coincidentally, Eta is best friends with the people I stayed with in Kandavu, Luisa is the niece of the couple I spent 10 days with in Taveuni, and Pah is friends with the guys that I dove with in Qamea. I oddly had heaps of coincidences like this while traveling.

Fijian skyscraper

Fiji was a great ending to an incredible 5 months abroad. I met so many great people and learned a lot about different cultures. By the end of the Fiji trip, I knew a fair bit of the fijian language, “vosa,” and a ton about the local fishery. I can’t wait to return to Australia, NZ, and Fiji…




2 responses

30 12 2010

Wow bro – your photography gets better and better! We’re happy to have you home, but what an amazing experience you’ve had!!

22 03 2014
ciba tuitubou

bula…nice story..hope u enjoy it…love seeing all ur pictures…hope to see u again another day…there’s alot of changes…so maybe u better come bk nd have a visit…..we will be happy to have u bk…

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